Draining, detoxifying and moisturizing, this slimming gel truly boosts the silhouette reshaping process.

Code: NEO062B
Capacity: 500 ml

Sea Fennel
Thanks to its toning, re-mineralizing properties, this sea fennel water is ideal for regenerating, re-mineralizing skin.
Biotech Slim
This complex ensures anti-storage action for comprehensive action on the silhouette.
Laminaria Digitata
Brown algae with the highest concentration of iodine that helps regulate the lipolytic process. Its trace elements and mineral wealth re-mineralize and regenerate cells.
  • Draining and slimming mechanisms are rebooted.
  • The skin’s tone and softness are enhanced
  • The body is gradually remodeled.
  • Its non-oily gel texture rapidly penetrates the skin.
  • Can be used as shock treatment for slimming purposes or on a regular basis to maintain tissue tone.
  • Paraben-free.